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viva la alyssa

hey hey hey!!!!!!! what up what up>>>>.

yeah I got back on wednesday from stuart florida with TROY!!! holy shit was that alot of fun or what...and no this isnt sarcasm people.....seriously it was the funnest vacation ive been on!!!! maybe because it wasnt with my family...or perhaps not!!....yeah so when I got back, i went home to take a shower and then went to troy's and saw SECRET WINDOW!!!!! great movie I might add...then went home....thursday I was suppose to go to work, but I had a game in jax. at 8 so I went to work at around 12, and then got out at like 4 and went to wally world with heidi....then went home and got changed and then troy came over and then matt came since matt was there, troy and I left...ohh and SPIDERMAN IS FUCKING FINALLY OUT!!!!!!...I cant wait any longer to see it....its giving me a panick attack!!!!!! yeah...

so fourth of july is coming up....cuppies not here!!!! im upset...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I MISS YOU CUPPIE~~~~~~~~~~~~~

okay so shes gone, ryan's leaving tuesday morning, tony is going for good...dude this sux!!!... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!...TONY, WERE CHILLIN BEFORE YOU LEAVE...SAME TO YOU RYAN DOODLE!!!!!

FO SHO~!!!!!

alright well my cuzin is going to make a icon for me so Im out and ill write more soon.....peace
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