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what are the odds?!?!?!?!?!?!

im at EDENS!!!!! SUCH GREATNESS!!!! i dont really feel like recapping you on all the things you people have missed so im going to write like i never stopped writing in the first place....ryan left today for a week!! :( .....and then troy leaves on wednesday!!!! im gonna miss him lots...*tears* im going to be stuck alone here in palm coast with no boyfriend or best friend...schools getting out for thanksgiving break on wednesday and that means that i dont have to work either so this coming week is going to KICK ASS!!
besides the fact that ill have all this free time and nobody to share it with...anyway yesterday i went to the movies with eden to go see SPONGEBOB!! but it was SOLD OUT!!!!! so we bough titckets to go see the grudge, which was only a ploy to sneak into spongebob to see if there really wasnt any seats left...there wasnt so we went to go see the we turned out to be national treasures...we didnt see the little piece of fucking paper on the wall that the door was covering, so we dipped outta there and ended up watching the grudge again!!! it was alright....anyway today i hung out with troy for a while which was GREAT!!!! and then eden came and picked me up and here i am....and thats pretty much it...well im glad to get all of that out in the open....and if i end up not getting on a computer soon i hope everyone has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

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