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well hadnt really had time to write in here and the fact that i dont have a computer until we move into our new house...ohh yeah IM MOVING BITCHES!!!! not anywhere far from here, its still in the same neighboorhood and all that jazz, its just that sue and tamra are going to be moving in with us so we need a bigger other than that things have been going pretty good...not great ubt you know how that goes....this week has been one disaster after and troy broke up last friday, and then its been very hazy as to what we are now...extremely i duno whats going on..anyway this friday i went to edens and we watched family guy for like four hours and then we went to see NAPOLEON DYNAMITE!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! THE #1 BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!....i advise anyone who hasnt seen it to go and see it.then she took me to ryans and i got to see his new house...pretty snazzy...anyway then we went to best buy and all that good stuff....saurday i had softball, in which we got massacred the first game and then we kicked ass on the second game....then after that was all over, beckas mom was going to bring me home, but instead of going home right away, we went to olive fun!!! then sunday i hung out with sue and waited till lindsey got off work so we could chill...and then she picked me up and here i am now!!! we just finished watching tuck everlasting......i cried!!!...yeha and i have to go to work in a couple of hours so not much to do till then...i think this friday im hangin out with lindsey for her birthday and saturday i have another tournament...and next weekend is HALLWEEN HORROR NIGHTS!!!!!!!

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