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i know all that you need

well its been pretty long since i actually had time to write in here....i should be at softball practice but i like just got off work and i have the biggest headache in the world!!!....but other than that things are pretty good, except that all my classes suck ass....the only one that makes any exception would have to be photography 2...just because i love doing it, and i like mr.becket as well...i hate mr.hartley's class jsut cause hes a crazy son of a bitch!!!...hes a street ninja/indian....HAHA
he told us one day he was hanging up clothes on the clothes line and these indians took him away and raised him...he was able to escaped, but by that time he was a grown man...and then he became a street ninja...he goes around the streets as a 250lbs, 6'0 piece of juicy froot gum and stands against walls and nobody nitces him cause he blends in...HHAHAHAH...shit i would notice him...hopefully ill feel better tomorrow so ill be able to hang out with david and mike and everyone like last weekend...and then saturday its Matts b-day partaaa!!!!!what what!!!and then i thinkim going to davids beach party....YAY!!! and then sunday i have to babysit from like 11-4...which is cool cause i have no money....i spent most of all my money yesterday at the mall..i got a DONNY DARKO SHIRT!!!! its fucking awesome....i think im gonig to dye my hair this weekend...i cut it last looks okay..its like up to my shoulders...and i did it..and its not fucked up at all...yeah....ohh and i just found out that for x-mas going to NEW YORK!!!! CONAN, HERE I COME BABY!!!

okay well nothing else really to say so imma go...byes
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