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tastes like burning

i cant believe summer is almost over!!! suppose to be leaving today to go on "vacation" with the family but sue is being a huge bitch about everything so i dunno...we will have to see what happens....yesterday went to high jackers, it was pretty fun..besides the fact that when i was talking i decided to swing my arms around to make what i was saying seem more realistic and hit my cup and it FLEW ACROSS THE TABLE ONTO SUE'S LAP!!!!...that kinda sucked but whatever..she deserved it.
ohh and practice is monday at 5:30,......i cant wait...i need to play sooo badly////....yeah so warped tour was awesome besides the fact that we had to leave early cause my sister and eden were dying of heat.....yah and then the other day i went and saw I, ROBOT with my dad...and it says that like in the year 2035 there will be 1 robot to every 5 humans...thats not that far from now...i must say, im kinda scared...okay heres the schedule....

Div career tech-Hartley
Div career tech (OJT)- Hartley 3&4

YEAH BITCHES!!! that mean i can leave a t 10:45 and either go to work or do nothing for a while!!! what what..
yeah but i think thats going to change..because lets see i dont drive, therefore i cant leave unless i insist on i think 3rd prd ill have a real class and then fourth prd is going to be study hall, that way i can leave if i there it is...anyone have the same classes, give me a holla....cause im out....
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