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shake, rattle, and pizza rolls

I wanna thank everyone who took place in making fun of my icon because you all can GO TO HELL!!!!!

yeah so its fourth of july!!! how does that make you feel????

I feel pretty damn sunburned....I spent the night at lyn's house and we hung out with keith, felicia, brittany, and andrew....pretty fun!!! keiths awesome!!! we just drove around and hung out in there fun!!!!

I seriously think that him and lyn should date, so she can forget about jen...

this morning, lindsey woke me up at fuckin 4:30 IN THE MORNING...bitch..
we went to the beach to watch the sunrise and stayed there till around 2:30 cause I was getting skin cancer so I HAD to I was getting sick and tired of finally going into the fucking ocean and lindsey having to pee right NEXT TO ME!!!!!

so now were sitting around waiting for my man to call us hanging out with troy tonight!!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!!! I wanted to see him all day....i missed him...

so anyway, saturday had to get up at 5:30 for softball in jax....we lost our first game because the other team was on steroids...and then the second game we were loosing really bad but then we came back in the end and scored 5...but the other team still won....SCREW THEM...cant wait till fall ball...I seriously cant go a long time without playing because Ill become overweight considering softball is my only defense against eating........

yeah.....well I hope to see everyone at the fireworks.....I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

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