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Have I…
* been drunk: [of course]
* smoked pot: [no way]
* kissed a member of the opposite sex: [definately]
* kissed a member of the same sex: [once]
* rode in a taxi: [nope]
* been dumped:......[yes]
* shoplifted: [yeah]
* been fired: [nope]
* been in a fist fight: [in 5ht grade]
* had a threesome: [nope]
* snuck out of your parent's house: [yeah]
* been arrested: [not yet]
* made out with a stranger: [i dont think so]
* stole something from your job: [yeah]
* celebrated new years in times square: [i wish]
* went on a blind date: [nope]
* lied to a friend: [yeah]
* had a crush on a teacher: [MR.ARAUJO!!!]
* celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans: [nope]
* been to europe: [noo]
* skipped school: [who hasnt]
* thrown up from drinking: [NEVER!!]
* lost your sibling: [no]
* had a sleepover party: [im at one right now!!]
* went ice skating: [yes yes]
* cheated on a bf/gf: [never]
* been cheated on: [i hope not]
* had a quinceanera: [??!?!!?]
* driven illegally: [yes indeed]

do you..
* have a bf: [yeah]
* have a gf: [nope]
* have a crush: [ well if i told you i hav ea b/f i guess that just defeats the purpose of asking that question]
* feel loved: [sometimes]
* feel lonely: [sometimes]
* feel happy: [most of the time]
* hate yourself: [sometimes]
* think your attractive: [ not really]
* have a dog: [i wish!!]
* have your own room: [of course]
* listen to rap: [occasionally]
* listen to rock: [yeah sure]
* listen to soul: [ cant say i do]
* listen to techno: [at party's]
* listen to reggae./ska: [yes yes]
* paint your nails: [just ogt finished]
* have more than 1 best friend: [dont really have a BEST friend]
* get good grades: [ when i want to]
* play an instrument: [ not really]
* have slippers: [YES!!!]
* wear boxers: [ohh yeah]
* wear underwear in general: [uhh huh]
* wear thongs: [yes yes]
* wear black eyeliner: [yep]
* like the color blue: [yes, its so calming to look at]
* like the color yellow: [ONE OF MY FAV'S..]
* cyber: [dont think so]
* like to read: [all the time]
* like to write: [yeah]
* have long hair: [not anymore]
* have short hair: [yup]
* have a cell phone: [yes!!]
* have a laptop: [NOOOOO!!]
* have a pager: [nope]

are you..
* ugly: [i can be]
* pretty: [never]
* bored: [not this second]
* happy: [yea]
* bilingual: [no]
* short: [yeah]
* tall: [yeah]
* grounded: [i dont get grounded]
* sick: [i was]
* lazy: [all the time]
* single: [nope]
* taken: [yes yes]
* looking: [maybe but its not like you can tell mmmwwwhahah]
* not looking: [who knows]
* talking to someone: [yes]
* scared to die: [nope]
* tired: [yeah]
* sleepy: [yes]
* annoyed: [computers piss me off]
* hungry: [mmmm food!!]
* thirsty: [nope]
* on the phone: [not anymore]
* in your room: [nope]
* drinking something: [sprite]
* eating something: [yes yes]
* in your pjs: [im about to be]
* ticklish: [ohhh yeah!!!]
* listening to music: [nah]
* homophobic: [no..i love the gays]
* racist: [i dont think so]
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