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banana's and pickles

NO SCHOOL TOMMOROW!!!! shit yeah!!! i wish i didnt have to go to school ever again!!! that would be oh-so great...yes well yesterday i got back from georgia!!! YEAH YOU HEARD RIGHT!!! GEORGIA!!! i was gonna take no chance...i went with troy and his was f-in awesome!!!! to actually look outside and see mountains and having electricity all the days long...yes ma' twas a grand ol' time....i wish i didnt have to leave there EVER!!!

dont you hate it when someone hears about something that you supposebly said or did and they believe it and dont confront you to see if its true? yeah well the person im talking about better shut his fucking sux that to think i had a friend and then he goes and says shit to someone and that person totally believes it...thats pretty shitty..i dont understand why people have to make things up jsut to make other people feel bad...i hate those people, i mean do they thrive on creating controversy that isnt about them???i need to be informed on how that works...anyway he totally screwed up the friendship i might have had...but i guess it doesnt matter considering we dont talk anyway...and she beleives it even if it comes from someone she once disliked soo much..she actually believes him?? well i guess she would considering she believed all the other rumors she heard about would think that she would know me alot better and that i wouldnt talk badly about her...fuck that if she believes him then i guess we werent really good friends after all..but then why was it such a problem when i "stopped" hanging out with you so much? i wasnt a good friend...and now that i think about you did the same...whatever its the dont wanna be friends i can accept that...but just because im not your friend doesnt mean im going to backstab you like that....

okay well g2g.....peace
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