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and they were dancin, and singin,and movin to the groove

well its been a pretty long time since i actually had time to write in suppose to be at softball practice but im sick...i have a humungo headache and my stomach hurts soo horribly bad...but other than that ive been pretty busy with all thats going on....schools going pretty good except for the fact that all my classes suck ass!!!!! the one thats maybe an exception is photography 2....i like photography and i like mr. becket, its jsut tha ti dont like doing still life's and shit...i dont like mr. Hartley's class cause hes a crazy son of a bitch....hes a streeet ninja- slash- indian....thats right....he was raised by his parents and then these indians stole him while he was outside hanging clothes up...he was able to escape, but that was after he was a grown man...and then he became a street ninja..he dresses up like 225lbs, 6'0 piece of juicy froot, standing up against a wall on a street and if anyone trys anything, hes gonna kick your ass!!!!.......yeah..well hopefully ill be feeling good tomorrow so i can go hang out with mike and david and mike and troy and everyone like last weekend..and then saturday's Matt's b-day partaaaaa!!!!! what what!!! i heard theres slip-n-slides!!!and then i might be going to davids beach party....and then sundasy i have to babysit at like 11 till around 4....which will be cool cause i have no money...yeah...well i finally talk to franny now!!!! i love sitting with her at lunch just like ol' times....well g2g i know my computers going to shut down!!!! peace!!!
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