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give it all you got

well look at this...THATS RIGHT FUCKERS!!!I BEAT THE SYSTEM IN OUR LIBRARY!!!...ohhh shit!!!! yeah well anyway....yesterday was one hell of a day so here it goes..

okay well i went to school and then went home at around 1:15...sat around for like 15 minutes and then troy drove me to work...i had to get out of work early so i can do my hair and makeup shit for my senior picture...had to go and pick up mike and then drive to the was pretty fun....i got to wear a leather jacket for one of my pictures and the guy was like okay..give me that badass look......i dont really know how to do the badass look, so i just smiled...i cant wait to see what they look like...i get them in like 10 days and the good thing is is that i get to pick out of four which one i want in the yearbook incase one came out bad, he took 4...YEAAH!!!anyway right after that i went to was okay...i just wanna play i dont really care about anything else...after practice troy came over for a while and then i went to sleep.....


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