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if thats the way you want it

ScHoOl ToMmOrOw!!!

holy shit man this sux...i hate getting up at like 5:30 and going on the stinky ass bus for like an hour cause of course im the first bus stop, but at least ashlee will be with me through the hard and her are going to have a great ride to school...but then she has to be put away cause were not allowed to listen to cd's in school!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...YOU GUYS THOUGHT I WAS TALKING ABOUT A GIRL WHEN I WAS REALLY TALKING ABOUT ASHLEE SIMPSON!!!

anyway....went to the mall yesterday to go school shopping/ some neat-o things...i still need to get binders and shit!!...i really dont feel like going to school tommorow...i wonder if i tell my father im sick if hell let me stay home.../...ohh man i just cleaned my room and man does it look spiffy...

im soooooo fucking bored right now!!!!

yeah okay well nothing really else to byes
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