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Sunday, November 21st, 2004
12:16 am - AHHHH THE BOREDOM!!!!!!!
Have I…
* been drunk: [of course]
* smoked pot: [no way]
* kissed a member of the opposite sex: [definately]
* kissed a member of the same sex: [once]
* rode in a taxi: [nope]
* been dumped:......[yes]
* shoplifted: [yeah]
* been fired: [nope]
* been in a fist fight: [in 5ht grade]
* had a threesome: [nope]
* snuck out of your parent's house: [yeah]
* been arrested: [not yet]
* made out with a stranger: [i dont think so]
* stole something from your job: [yeah]
* celebrated new years in times square: [i wish]
* went on a blind date: [nope]
* lied to a friend: [yeah]
* had a crush on a teacher: [MR.ARAUJO!!!]
* celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans: [nope]
* been to europe: [noo]
* skipped school: [who hasnt]
* thrown up from drinking: [NEVER!!]
* lost your sibling: [no]
* had a sleepover party: [im at one right now!!]
* went ice skating: [yes yes]
* cheated on a bf/gf: [never]
* been cheated on: [i hope not]
* had a quinceanera: [??!?!!?]
* driven illegally: [yes indeed]

do you..
* have a bf: [yeah]
* have a gf: [nope]
* have a crush: [ well if i told you i hav ea b/f i guess that just defeats the purpose of asking that question]
* feel loved: [sometimes]
* feel lonely: [sometimes]
* feel happy: [most of the time]
* hate yourself: [sometimes]
* think your attractive: [ not really]
* have a dog: [i wish!!]
* have your own room: [of course]
* listen to rap: [occasionally]
* listen to rock: [yeah sure]
* listen to soul: [ cant say i do]
* listen to techno: [at party's]
* listen to reggae./ska: [yes yes]
* paint your nails: [just ogt finished]
* have more than 1 best friend: [dont really have a BEST friend]
* get good grades: [ when i want to]
* play an instrument: [ not really]
* have slippers: [YES!!!]
* wear boxers: [ohh yeah]
* wear underwear in general: [uhh huh]
* wear thongs: [yes yes]
* wear black eyeliner: [yep]
* like the color blue: [yes, its so calming to look at]
* like the color yellow: [ONE OF MY FAV'S..]
* cyber: [dont think so]
* like to read: [all the time]
* like to write: [yeah]
* have long hair: [not anymore]
* have short hair: [yup]
* have a cell phone: [yes!!]
* have a laptop: [NOOOOO!!]
* have a pager: [nope]

are you..
* ugly: [i can be]
* pretty: [never]
* bored: [not this second]
* happy: [yea]
* bilingual: [no]
* short: [yeah]
* tall: [yeah]
* grounded: [i dont get grounded]
* sick: [i was]
* lazy: [all the time]
* single: [nope]
* taken: [yes yes]
* looking: [maybe but its not like you can tell mmmwwwhahah]
* not looking: [who knows]
* talking to someone: [yes]
* scared to die: [nope]
* tired: [yeah]
* sleepy: [yes]
* annoyed: [computers piss me off]
* hungry: [mmmm food!!]
* thirsty: [nope]
* on the phone: [not anymore]
* in your room: [nope]
* drinking something: [sprite]
* eating something: [yes yes]
* in your pjs: [im about to be]
* ticklish: [ohhh yeah!!!]
* listening to music: [nah]
* homophobic: [no..i love the gays]
* racist: [i dont think so]

current mood: accomplished

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12:13 am - what are the odds?!?!?!?!?!?!
im at EDENS!!!!! SUCH GREATNESS!!!! i dont really feel like recapping you on all the things you people have missed so im going to write like i never stopped writing in the first place....ryan left today for a week!! :( .....and then troy leaves on wednesday!!!! im gonna miss him lots...*tears*...so im going to be stuck alone here in palm coast with no boyfriend or best friend...schools getting out for thanksgiving break on wednesday and that means that i dont have to work either so this coming week is going to KICK ASS!!
besides the fact that ill have all this free time and nobody to share it with...anyway yesterday i went to the movies with eden to go see SPONGEBOB!! but it was SOLD OUT!!!!! so we bough titckets to go see the grudge, which was only a ploy to sneak into spongebob to see if there really wasnt any seats left...there wasnt so we went to go see the incredibles...so we thought...it turned out to be national treasures...we didnt see the little piece of fucking paper on the wall that the door was covering, so we dipped outta there and ended up watching the grudge again!!! it was alright....anyway today i hung out with troy for a while which was GREAT!!!! and then eden came and picked me up and here i am....and thats pretty much it...well im glad to get all of that out in the open....and if i end up not getting on a computer soon i hope everyone has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!


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Monday, October 18th, 2004
10:53 am - fuck
well hadnt really had time to write in here and the fact that i dont have a computer until we move into our new house...ohh yeah IM MOVING BITCHES!!!! not anywhere far from here, its still in the same neighboorhood and all that jazz, its just that sue and tamra are going to be moving in with us so we need a bigger house...yeah....so other than that things have been going pretty good...not great ubt you know how that goes....this week has been one disaster after another....me and troy broke up last friday, and then its been very hazy as to what we are now...extremely confusing..so i duno whats going on..anyway this friday i went to edens and we watched family guy for like four hours and then we went to see NAPOLEON DYNAMITE!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! THE #1 BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!....i advise anyone who hasnt seen it to go and see it.then she took me to ryans and i got to see his new house...pretty snazzy...anyway then we went to best buy and all that good stuff....saurday i had softball, in which we got massacred the first game and then we kicked ass on the second game....then after that was all over, beckas mom was going to bring me home, but instead of going home right away, we went to olive garden.....fun fun!!! then sunday i hung out with sue and waited till lindsey got off work so we could chill...and then she picked me up and here i am now!!! we just finished watching tuck everlasting......i cried!!!...yeha and i have to go to work in a couple of hours so not much to do till then...i think this friday im hangin out with lindsey for her birthday and saturday i have another tournament...and next weekend is HALLWEEN HORROR NIGHTS!!!!!!!


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Monday, October 11th, 2004
12:14 pm - i love bananas


Hahahahahahahahaahah!!!! nothing better to do so there you go!!!!

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Friday, October 1st, 2004
12:42 pm - kfgjrtghnf


current mood: amused

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Friday, September 24th, 2004
7:15 pm - weiner
damn its been a long ass fucking time since i wrote in here...maybe because my computer is officially broke!!!! yeah it sux..but whatever...anyway this week went by pretty fast...yeah havent been doing much lately just been doin what i want pretty much....softball is going good..i wasnt able to make it to practice on wednesday cause i was sick...so that sucked...and now im at davids just chillin with everyone......listening to banana fingers!!!! hahahahahahahahahhaa! alright im done with that...anyway...things have been going pretty good with me and troy...we have our problems but so does everyone else...anywho....everyone needs to go to our next softball game on OCTOBER 2ND!!!!! yes yes....

nothing to say so peace!!

current mood: creative

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Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
8:45 am - banana's and pickles
NO SCHOOL TOMMOROW!!!! shit yeah!!! i wish i didnt have to go to school ever again!!! that would be oh-so great...yes well yesterday i got back from georgia!!! YEAH YOU HEARD RIGHT!!! GEORGIA!!! i was gonna take no chance...i went with troy and his parents...it was f-in awesome!!!! to actually look outside and see mountains and having electricity all the days long...yes ma'am..it twas a grand ol' time....i wish i didnt have to leave there EVER!!!

dont you hate it when someone hears about something that you supposebly said or did and they believe it and dont confront you to see if its true? yeah well the person im talking about better shut his fucking mouth...it sux that to think i had a friend and then he goes and says shit to someone and that person totally believes it...thats pretty shitty..i dont understand why people have to make things up jsut to make other people feel bad...i hate those people, i mean do they thrive on creating controversy that isnt about them???i need to be informed on how that works...anyway he totally screwed up the friendship i might have had...but i guess it doesnt matter considering we dont talk anyway...and she beleives it even if it comes from someone she once disliked soo much..she actually believes him?? well i guess she would considering she believed all the other rumors she heard about him...you would think that she would know me alot better and that i wouldnt talk badly about her...fuck that if she believes him then i guess we werent really good friends after all..but then why was it such a problem when i "stopped" hanging out with you so much? i wasnt a good friend...and now that i think about you did the same...whatever its the past...im done...you dont wanna be friends i can accept that...but just because im not your friend doesnt mean im going to backstab you like that....

okay well g2g.....peace

current mood: frustrated

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Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
5:53 am - i know all that you need
well its been pretty long since i actually had time to write in here....i should be at softball practice but i like just got off work and i have the biggest headache in the world!!!....but other than that things are pretty good, except that all my classes suck ass....the only one that makes any exception would have to be photography 2...just because i love doing it, and i like mr.becket as well...i hate mr.hartley's class jsut cause hes a crazy son of a bitch!!!...hes a street ninja/indian....HAHA
he told us one day he was hanging up clothes on the clothes line and these indians took him away and raised him...he was able to escaped, but by that time he was a grown man...and then he became a street ninja...he goes around the streets as a 250lbs, 6'0 piece of juicy froot gum and stands against walls and nobody nitces him cause he blends in...HHAHAHAH...shit i would notice him...hopefully ill feel better tomorrow so ill be able to hang out with david and mike and everyone like last weekend...and then saturday its Matts b-day partaaa!!!!!what what!!!and then i thinkim going to davids beach party....YAY!!! and then sunday i have to babysit from like 11-4...which is cool cause i have no money....i spent most of all my money yesterday at the mall..i got a DONNY DARKO SHIRT!!!! its fucking awesome....i think im gonig to dye my hair this weekend...i cut it last weekend...it looks okay..its like up to my shoulders...and i did it..and its not fucked up at all...yeah....ohh and i just found out that for x-mas break..im going to NEW YORK!!!! CONAN, HERE I COME BABY!!!

okay well nothing else really to say so imma go...byes

current mood: artistic

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Friday, August 20th, 2004
8:18 am - give it all you got
well look at this...THATS RIGHT FUCKERS!!!I BEAT THE SYSTEM IN OUR LIBRARY!!!...ohhh shit!!!! yeah well anyway....yesterday was one hell of a day so here it goes..

okay well i went to school and then went home at around 1:15...sat around for like 15 minutes and then troy drove me to work...i had to get out of work early so i can do my hair and makeup shit for my senior picture...had to go and pick up mike and then drive to the school....it was pretty fun....i got to wear a leather jacket for one of my pictures and the guy was like okay..give me that badass look......i dont really know how to do the badass look, so i just smiled...i cant wait to see what they look like...i get them in like 10 days and the good thing is is that i get to pick out of four which one i want in the yearbook incase one came out bad, he took 4...YEAAH!!!anyway right after that i went to practice...it was okay...i just wanna play i dont really care about anything else...after practice troy came over for a while and then i went to sleep.....



current mood: anxious

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Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
11:18 am - if thats the way you want it
ScHoOl ToMmOrOw!!!

holy shit man this sux...i hate getting up at like 5:30 and going on the stinky ass bus for like an hour cause of course im the first bus stop, but at least ashlee will be with me through the hard times...me and her are going to have a great ride to school...but then she has to be put away cause were not allowed to listen to cd's in school!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...YOU GUYS THOUGHT I WAS TALKING ABOUT A GIRL WHEN I WAS REALLY TALKING ABOUT ASHLEE SIMPSON!!!

anyway....went to the mall yesterday to go school shopping/...got some neat-o things...i still need to get binders and shit!!...i really dont feel like going to school tommorow...i wonder if i tell my father im sick if hell let me stay home.../...ohh man i just cleaned my room and man does it look spiffy...

im soooooo fucking bored right now!!!!

yeah okay well nothing really else to say..so byes

current mood: bored

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Friday, August 6th, 2004
10:47 am - tastes like burning
i cant believe summer is almost over!!! dammit...im suppose to be leaving today to go on "vacation" with the family but sue is being a huge bitch about everything so i dunno...we will have to see what happens....yesterday went to high jackers, it was pretty fun..besides the fact that when i was talking i decided to swing my arms around to make what i was saying seem more realistic and hit my cup and it FLEW ACROSS THE TABLE ONTO SUE'S LAP!!!!...that kinda sucked but whatever..she deserved it.
ohh and practice is monday at 5:30,......i cant wait...i need to play sooo badly////....yeah so warped tour was awesome besides the fact that we had to leave early cause my sister and eden were dying of heat.....yah and then the other day i went and saw I, ROBOT with my dad...and it says that like in the year 2035 there will be 1 robot to every 5 humans...thats not that far from now...i must say, im kinda scared...okay heres the schedule....

Div career tech-Hartley
Div career tech (OJT)- Hartley 3&4

YEAH BITCHES!!! that mean i can leave a t 10:45 and either go to work or do nothing for a while!!! what what..
yeah but i think thats going to change..because lets see i dont drive, therefore i cant leave unless i insist on walking....so i think 3rd prd ill have a real class and then fourth prd is going to be study hall, that way i can leave if i want......so there it is...anyone have the same classes, give me a holla....cause im out....

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Saturday, July 31st, 2004
9:25 am - keep a handle on me


AND GUESS WHOSE GOING??? THATS RIGHT, ME, EDEN, MEGAN AND TROY!!!!!! AND WHAT!!! I CANT WAIT...were suppose to get up around 8ish and then well be on our way!!! ohhh man, what a great day tommorow is going to be..another chapter in the warped files for eden and i!!!...

current mood: awake

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
2:17 am - get busy
just got home from work!!!! hell yeah!!!! im soo glad that i can leave when theres not alot of kids, cause thats been happenin alot these past couple of weeks....i just got paid today as well!!! beat that bitches!!!...ohh and guess what????

793-6926!!!!! call me..hehe

anyway, just found out that tony is going to be able to ride the bus once more!!! DAMN STRAIGHT!!! cant wait!!
now im not going to feel like such a loser ridin the bus when im a senior....thanx tony!!...yeah well i kinda joined a gym now...yesterday i did pilates..it was soo fun..and today i was suppose to do a cycling class but im too tired to do so, so...next time...yep yep...i need to do something to keep me in shape, otherwise ill become obese...i think im going to warped tour...no i KNOW!!! im going...yeah...and rachel and brandee, in case you didnt know...flogging molly is going to be there....so HA!!! i know i missed ther other concert but watch out cause imma see them this weekend!!!! what what....alrighty well im pretty much out of words..

current mood: busy

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Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
10:01 pm - THIS IS A BIGGIE!!!!!
Your full name:: Alyssa Terpenny
Age:: 17
Height:: 5'4"
Natural hair colour:: blonde
Eye colour:: brown
Number of siblings:: 1 sister and 2 step brothers
Glasses/contacts?:: neither
Piercings:: none.
Tattoos:: none.
Braces?:: already had them

Colour:: orange
Band:: blink 182
Song:: dunno
Stuffed animal:: randy
Video game:: resident evil
TV show:: will and grace and CONAN!!!
Movie:: too many to decide...all lord of the rings, my best friends wedding, the waterboy, the exorcist, ferris buellers day off, the breakfast club, say anything, a street car named desire, a rebel without a cause, sixteen candles...it goes on and on....
Book:: world of the brain
Food:: spaghetti and brocolli
Game on a cell phone:: snake
CD cover:: dont have one
Flower:: daisies or roses...
Scent:: little black dress
Animal:: LION!!!!
Comic book:: spider-man.
Cereal:: boo berry
Website:: www.steakandcheese.com
Cartoon:: family guy

Play an instrument?:: bongos and somewhat of guitar
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?:: probly...
Like to sing?:: ohhh yeah
Have a job?:: yes yes
Have a cell phone?:: nope
Like to play sports?:: SOFTBALL ALL THE WAY...
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:: <3troy<3.
Have a crush on someone?:: <3my troy<3
Live somewhere NOT in the united states?:: nope.
Have more than 5 TVs in your house?:: yes yes
Have any special talents/skills?:: i can lick my ass.
Excercise daily?:: yeah..
Like school?:: yes....lunch!!!.

Sing the alphabet backwards?:: zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba...does that answer your question?
Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes?:: perhaps...
Speak any other languages?:: little bit of spanish.
Go a day without food?:: no.
Stay up for more than 24 hours?:: yup.
Read music, not just tabs?:: nope.
Roll your tongue?:: ohh yah
Eat a whole pizza?:: all the time.

Snuck out of the house?:: yeah.
Cried to get out of trouble?:: yeah.
Gotten lost in your city?:: yep.
Seen a shooting star?:: who hasnt?.
Been to any other countries besides the united states?:: nope.
Had a serious surgery?:: yes.
Stolen something important to someone else?:: no!!.
Solved a rubiks cube?:: can you actually solve those things?.
Gone out in public in your pajamas?:: yup.
Cried over a girl?:: no.
Cried over a boy?:: yes.
Kissed a random stranger?:: nope.
Hugged a random stranger?:: YEAH!!.
Been in a fist fight?:: once.
Been arrested?:: almsot.
Done drugs?:: nope.
Had alcohol?:: of course.
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?:: maybe...
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?:: lol... yeah.
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?:: no. i went to the bus stop though...
Swore at your parents?:: maybe once or twice..
Been to warped tour?:: ohh hellz yeah
Kicked a guy where it hurts?:: HAHAHA...sorry troy.
Been in love?:: yes.
Been close to love?:: ...i guess.
Been to a casino?:: yep.
Ran over an animal and killed it?:: no!!!!!.
Broken a bone?:: nope.
Gotten stitches?:: yes.
Had a waterballoon fight in winter?:: no.
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour?:: i want to.
Made homemade muffins?:: i want to.
Bitten someone?:: many times.
Been to disneyland/disneyworld?:: disneyworld.
More than 5 times?:: nah.
Been to niagra falls?:: no.
Burped in someones face?:: on many occasions.
Gotten the chicken pox?:: yeah.

Brushed your teeth:: an hour ago.
Went to the bathroom:: 42 seconds ago.
Saw a movie in theaters:: spider-man 2...last weekend
Read a book:: in the middle of one now!!
Had a snow day:: no snow in florida.
Had a party:: dunno.
Had a slumber party:: my 13th birthday party
Made fun of someone:: when i was at work today.
Tripped in front of someone:: when i was at work today.
Went to the grocery store:: last friday.
Got sick:: like a month ago.
Cursed:: today doing pilates.

Fruit/vegetables:: fruit.
Black/white:: black.
Lights on/lights off:: off.
TV/movie:: movie.
Car/truck:: car.
Body spray/lotion:: lotion...
Cash/check:: cash.
Pillows/blankets:: pillows AND blankets.
Headache/stomach ache:: none
Paint/charcoal:: paint.
Chinese food/mexican food:: chinese food.
Summer/winter:: winter.
Snow/rain:: snow.
Fog/misty:: misty.
Rock/rap:: rock.
Meat/vegetarian:: meat.
Boy/girl:: troy<3.
Chocolate/vanilla:: chocolate..
Sprinkles/icing:: icing
Cake/pie:: PIE!!.
French toast/french fries:: french fries.
Strawberries/blueberries:: strawberries.
Ocean/swimming pool:: swimming pool.
Hugs/kisses:: both.
Cookies/muffins:: both.
p33n/bewbz:: ?????
Wallet/pocket:: wallet.
Window/door:: window.
Emo/goth:: emo.
Pink/purple:: pink.
Cat/dog:: cat.
Long sleeve/short sleeve:: short.
Pants/shorts:: knee knockers.
Winter break/spring break:: winter.
Spring/autumn:: spring.
Clouds/clear sky:: clouds.
Moon/mars:: moon.

How many friends do you have?:: alot but only a small amount of best friends.
What are their names?:: troy, mike, whitney, richard, ryan, david, francesca, lindsey, megan, zach, eden, t.j
Do you have a best friend?:: yes.
Have you ever liked one of your friends?:: of course.
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends?:: more guys
Have you ever lost a friend?:: yes.
Have you ever gone to an amusement park with a friend?:: yup.
Whats an inside joke between you and a friend?:: KARATE CHOP!!, "why not me??", "nooooooooo doooontt", "what do you mean there gone?"
Have you ever gotten in a big arguement with a friend?::
yeah, but we made up and now shes one of my best friends
Whats the nicest thing youve ever done for a friend?:: dunno
Whats the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?:: not sure...
Do you miss any of your old friends?:: most of my friends ARE my old friends
What friend have you known the longest?:: mike or lindsey.
Do you regret anything youve done to a friend?:: yeah
If so, what is it?:: getting in a big argument with lindsey...
How often do you spend time with your friends?:: all the time.
Do any of your friends drive?:: alot of them do.
Has a friend of yours ever died?:: no.
Whats the dumbest thing youve done with a friend?:: ran around wal-mart 5 times with a pony and a cowboy hat, goin, GIDDY UP!!! and spankin my own ass.
What do you think your friends think of you?:: that they wanna do me.

Have you ever been in love?:: yes.
If you have, with who?:: ...
Are you single?:: nope.
Are you in a relationship?:: yes.
If so, for how long?:: almost 4 months.
Do you believe there is someone for everyone?:: yes.
What is your idea of the best date?:: sitting home watching movies.
What was your first kiss like?:: not with the perosn i hoped it would be with.
How old were you when you got your first kiss?:: 12.
Do you think love is a load of shit?:: nope.
Whats the best experiance youve ever had with the opposite sex?:: falling in love<3.
If you are single, have you had any boyfriends/girlfriends before?:: ..
Have you ever been dumped?:: yes.
Have you ever dumped someone?:: yes.
Whats the most sexual thing youve done with the opposite sex?:: N/A

Slippers:: banana.
Hat:: granny.
Hard:: penis.
Free:: nothing.
Space:: monkeys.
Taste:: like bologna.
Good charlotte:: sucks balls.
Red:: heart.
Deep:: hole.
Heart:: love.
Cord:: cordless!?.
Cheese:: mmmmmmm..
Rain:: hurricane.
Work:: hell.
Pedal:: bike.
Head:: ohh baby.
Bed:: sex.
Fluff:: marshmallow.
Hardcore:: sex.
Race:: nascar.
Knife:: blood.
Jump:: how high?.

I.... wanna chill with cuppie
am:: ohhh so sexaa.
want:: conan.
need:: conan.
crave:: conan.
love:: CONAN!!!.
hate:: fighting.
did:: conan.
feel:: hate.
miss:: the good ol' days
am annoyed by:: obesity.
would rather:: be playing softball.
am tired of:: these questions.
will always:: watch conan.

What is your favourite genre of music?:: 80's.
What time is it now?:: 9:18 pm.
What day is it?:: thursday.
Whens the last time you called someone?:: a couple hours ago...i called cuppie
How much money do you have right now?:: $86.
Are you hungry?:: YES!!
Whatcha doin?:: talking to cuppie
Do you like parades?:: i wanna be in one...
Do you like the moon?:: if i could walk on it...
What are you going to do when youre done with this?:: call eden
Isnt cup a funny word when you repeat it over and over?:: no.
If you could have any magical power what would it be?:: to be invisible.cause then i can see anyone naked and go anywhere and steal from banks and they would never know who it twas!!!!!!
Have you ever had a picnic?:: yeah...
Did you ever have one of those skip-its when you were young?:: yeah it was a little hard to do but whatever.
What about sock em boppers?:: i dont recall those
Are you wearing any socks right now?:: yes yes.

funny?:: i think i have my moments
pretty?:: no.
sarcastic?:: YES...perhaps a little too much.
lazy?:: yeah.
hyper?:: all the time.
friendly?:: yes.
evil?:: no.
smart?:: when it comes to some stuff...
strong?:: i can be.
talented?:: nope.
dorky?:: yea.

high:: bill clinton.
skip:: ...
dance:: conan o'brien.
lonely:: J.T.H.M.
pen:: john cusack...
flower:: martha stewart.
window:: tony.
psycho:: my neighboor.
brain freeze:: harry and lloyd.
orange:: rachel.
sassy:: ...
jelly:: megan.

suicide:: against.
love:: for.
drunk drivers:: against.
airplanes:: lol. FOR AIRPLANES!!!
war:: against.
canada:: lol...for.
united states:: for.
rock music:: for.
gay marriage:: for...go gays!!
school:: for/against...
surveys:: for.
parents:: for/against.
cars:: for.
killing:: against.
britney spears:: FOR-EVER.
coffee:: for.
pants:: for.

Sky dive?:: yes.
Play strip poker?:: its already been done
Run away?:: yah.
Curse at a teacher?:: deffinently.
Not take a shower for a week?:: no.....
Ask someone out?:: yeah.
Lie to someone to make them think better of you?:: no.
Visit a foreign country for more than a month?:: yes.
Write a book?:: i dont think i have that much ambition to do that.
Become a rockstar?:: in a second.
Have casual sex?:: dunno.

What shampoo do you use?:: duno
What kind of computer do you have?:: dunno
What grade are you in?:: ill be a senior.
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?:: yeah.
Or just make out?:: only if its boring.
How many posters do you have in your room?:: 11..i must get more.
How many cds do you have?:: alot.
What time is it now?:: 9:42.

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Monday, July 19th, 2004
8:41 pm - suck my back
i cant wait till softball starts again..... i need to stay in shape....

i miss everyone from softball....i need to find a new job where i can sit on my ass and do nothing and get paid 12 dollars an hour for it...i havent been doing anything lately....ohh guess what>??????? i FINALLY!!! FINALLY...SAW SPIDERMAN 2......IT WAS GGGGGREAT!!!...oh and peter does NOT die in the end...YOU HEAR THAT MATT YOU BASTARD....THANX FOR SCARIN ME LIKE THAT......bitch...anyway....went to the show saturday ..great show,,,not a great nite...not a great day yesterday either, but it got better as the nite went on...
actually it was a whole 360 as to what happened earlier..

i cant wait till this week is fucking over....i dont wanna go to work tomorow morning...it sux...but hey, at least south park was on all fucking nite last nite so it made up for my crappy day!!!!!! BEAT THAT BITCHES!!!!

today cuppie came over and we chilled for a bit...tommorow hopefully well hang out and see micheal...woot woot!!!

well work tommorow....later bitches

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Monday, July 12th, 2004
5:07 pm - I love my fishes, cause there so damn delicious
without you!!!!!

I got a confession to make
That my heart would break
To hear you say goodbye
You're my every dream
You're the threadwork to my seams
And you know that I can't lie, when I say

I can't stop thinking about you
I can't stop thinking about how
My heart's empty without you

I just hate myself
To think of you with someone else
To hear you say goodbye
I love you for who you are
No more, no less
And you know that I can't lie, when I say. . .

My dreams will never come true without you

current mood: artistic

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Saturday, July 10th, 2004
12:11 pm - .............

current mood: ditzy

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Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
1:51 am - and they were dancin, and singin,and movin to the groove
well its been a pretty long time since i actually had time to write in here..im suppose to be at softball practice but im sick...i have a humungo headache and my stomach hurts soo horribly bad...but other than that ive been pretty busy with all thats going on....schools going pretty good except for the fact that all my classes suck ass!!!!! the one thats maybe an exception is photography 2....i like photography and i like mr. becket, its jsut tha ti dont like doing still life's and shit...i dont like mr. Hartley's class cause hes a crazy son of a bitch....hes a streeet ninja- slash- indian....thats right....he was raised by his parents and then these indians stole him while he was outside hanging clothes up...he was able to escape, but that was after he was a grown man...and then he became a street ninja..he dresses up like 225lbs, 6'0 piece of juicy froot, standing up against a wall on a street and if anyone trys anything, hes gonna kick your ass!!!!.......yeah..well hopefully ill be feeling good tomorrow so i can go hang out with mike and david and mike and troy and everyone like last weekend..and then saturday's Matt's b-day partaaaaa!!!!! what what!!! i heard theres slip-n-slides!!!and then i might be going to davids beach party....and then sundasy i have to babysit at like 11 till around 4....which will be cool cause i have no money...yeah...well i finally talk to franny now!!!! i love sitting with her at lunch just like ol' times....well g2g i know my computers going to shut down!!!! peace!!!

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Sunday, July 4th, 2004
5:41 pm - shake, rattle, and pizza rolls
I wanna thank everyone who took place in making fun of my icon because you all can GO TO HELL!!!!!

yeah so its fourth of july!!! how does that make you feel????

I feel pretty damn sunburned....I spent the night at lyn's house and we hung out with keith, felicia, brittany, and andrew....pretty fun!!! keiths awesome!!! we just drove around and hung out in there fort....fun fun!!!!

I seriously think that him and lyn should date, so she can forget about jen...

this morning, lindsey woke me up at fuckin 4:30 IN THE MORNING...bitch..
we went to the beach to watch the sunrise and stayed there till around 2:30 cause I was getting skin cancer so I HAD to leave....plus I was getting sick and tired of finally going into the fucking ocean and lindsey having to pee right NEXT TO ME!!!!!

so now were sitting around waiting for my man to call us back....im hanging out with troy tonight!!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!!! I wanted to see him all day....i missed him...

so anyway, saturday had to get up at 5:30 for softball in jax....we lost our first game because the other team was on steroids...and then the second game we were loosing really bad but then we came back in the end and scored 5...but the other team still won....SCREW THEM...cant wait till fall ball...I seriously cant go a long time without playing because Ill become overweight considering softball is my only defense against eating........

yeah.....well I hope to see everyone at the fireworks.....I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!


current mood: sunburned

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Friday, July 2nd, 2004
5:14 pm - viva la alyssa
hey hey hey!!!!!!! what up what up>>>>.

yeah I got back on wednesday from stuart florida with TROY!!! holy shit was that alot of fun or what...and no this isnt sarcasm people.....seriously it was the funnest vacation ive been on!!!! maybe because it wasnt with my family...or perhaps not!!....yeah so when I got back, i went home to take a shower and then went to troy's and saw SECRET WINDOW!!!!! great movie I might add...then went home....thursday I was suppose to go to work, but I had a game in jax. at 8 so I went to work at around 12, and then got out at like 4 and went to wally world with heidi....then went home and got changed and then troy came over and then matt came over.....yeah...so since matt was there, troy and I left...ohh and SPIDERMAN IS FUCKING FINALLY OUT!!!!!!...I cant wait any longer to see it....its giving me a panick attack!!!!!! yeah...

so fourth of july is coming up....cuppies not here!!!! im upset...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I MISS YOU CUPPIE~~~~~~~~~~~~~

okay so shes gone, ryan's leaving tuesday morning, tony is going for good...dude this sux balls.....man!!!... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!...TONY, WERE CHILLIN BEFORE YOU LEAVE...SAME TO YOU RYAN DOODLE!!!!!

FO SHO~!!!!!

alright well my cuzin is going to make a icon for me so Im out and ill write more soon.....peace

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